Jack ‘n Jill’s Name to Fame

“Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water….” Did you know that the phenomenal brand Jack ‘n Jill actually got its name from the popular nursery rhyme?

Unknown to many, when John Gokongwei was brainstorming the perfect brand name for a new line of snack foods from Universal Robina Corporation (URC), the rhyme easily came to mind. The name Jack ‘n Jill met his prerequisites: it had a nice ring to it, was easy to remember, and best of all, it was a name that kids would easily recognize.

Thus, the brand that made Chippy and Pretzels household names was born.

In almost 40 years, Jack ‘n Jill has consistently and continuously introduced various products for different markets, made distinct by different brand names.

And behind these brand names are interesting anecdotes on their origins.

Factoid number one is how Spuds, one of Jack ‘n Jill’s newer offerings, got its name. Simply put, spud is another name for potato. And because this Jack ‘n Jill product is one of the yummiest potato snacks around, they couldn’t have come up with a better name for this crunchy-licious snack.

Ever wondered how the now-popular multi-grain snack Nova got its name? Inspired by the heavenly body that shines ever so brightly, the snack is considered a real star in the heart of health buffs. The name is also indicative of the active, dynamic lifestyle of the people who are particularly fond of this snack.

Jack ‘n Jill’s chocolates line also has its own cute little trivia. Did you know that the well-loved name Nips is the reverse of the word spin? The inspiration came from the spinning process used to create those colorful candy-coated dots of chocolate that delight children of all ages.

Another classic is Cloud 9. True to its name, this heavenly delight makes everyone feel like they’re on cloud 9. Made with smooth nougat, rich caramel and crunchy peanut quarters enrobed in luscious chocolate, Cloud 9 makes for an exceptionally enticing treat every time.

Among those that remain to be particularly popular is Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels. Though its name is pretty much self-explanatory, there’s an interesting anecdote behind the packaging design. The original artists who designed the Pretzel boxes got their inspiration from the “wooden fort” look achieved by putting the Pretzel sticks side by side. And so, the first Jack and Jill Pretzel dolls were dressed up as Indians replete with arrows and axes. Today, the fun-loving duo is still ever-present in every pack of Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels.

As indicated by its product names, its packaging and of course, its vast line-up of offerings, Jack ‘n Jill and the word “fun” have become inseparable. Already synonymous to great-tasting, high-quality food products that easily find their way to Filipino homes, Jack ‘n Jill continues to add color and enjoyment to the culture of snacking.

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  1. a friend of mine gave me the most delicious and soothing candy from your company. where can i buy this and other of your products in boca raton, florida. thanx

  2. Can you tell me where you can buy your hard candy in the United States or online?

  3. is it just a coincidence or you guys really pack NIPS where most of the colors are in the Red-Orange-Yellow side and least with the Violet-Indigo-Blue part… Just Curious. thanks.

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