The XO Factor Makes Life eXtraOrdinary

Deal with life’s little quirks with XO candies, the sweet way to liven up your day.

If you’re feeling rather sluggish and sleep is not an option, go for a mini coffee break with XO Coffee candy. Its rich coffee flavor will definitely give you a much-needed boost to keep you going.

When you’re in the gym and in need of an instant sugar high, pop an XO Butter Caramel. Savor the lusciously sweet caramel and allow it to tickle your senses. Before you know it, you’ll be up for another run on the treadmill.

If you’ve been working hard, you deserve a quick treat in the middle of the day. Reward the chocoholic in you! Indulge in an XO Chocolate Shake candy and relish the deliciously chocolate flavor.

Add a squeeze of excitement to lazy Sunday afternoons with the delightful combination of real cream and orange flavors in every XO Orange Twist. Let its smooth swirl of flavors stimulate your imagination and creativity to transform your day from boring to extra exciting.

And if you’re in a particularly romantic mood, why not share an XO Strawberry Swirl with your beau? Its silky blend of strawberries and cream will definitely set the mood for a sweet and sentimental evening.

There’s always a reason to delight in the incredibly delectable XO candies. Each candy bursting with real flavors are bound to keep life constantly interesting. So make every moment eXtraOrdinary with XO.

9 thoughts on “The XO Factor Makes Life eXtraOrdinary

  1. I’m Korean.
    I want to buy this candy, but I don’t know where can I buy it.
    Please reply the way to buy it in Korea.
    Thank you.

  2. Is there a website that says where you can buy the xo coffee candy? We are in the US and wonder where to buy it?

    [From the Admin] Thank you, Ms. Farrell. Please expect an email from the URC Exports Group.

  3. Where can I purchase your coffee candy in California?



    [From the Admin] Hello, Marty! You’ll find these in Asian/Filipino stores in the US. Thanks!

  4. Just tried your coffee candy……….mmmmmmarvelous……..who sells this “gem” here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.



  5. I got my first taste of this wonderful, full of flavored candy from a co-worker and I was sol! Although, I do not know where to purchase them at. Help!!

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