C2: A Healthy Balance of Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Green tea’s centuries-old reputation as a naturally-beneficial and perfectly-balanced drink is fast making its way to the forefront of today’s health trend.

Since ancient times, the Chinese have been using green tea to cure anything from headache to depression. One ancient Chinese proverb even states, better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one.

C2 Yin YangIn this age of fitness and form, health-conscious Generation X has brought this beverage back in the limelight, and its rising popularity is attributed to its abundance of natural ingredients, which are beneficial to the body: antioxidants, as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals. The presence of both caffeine and theanine makes it the drink with “perfect balance.”

Green tea’s natural, though minimal, caffeine content helps increase alertness and improve concentration. By gently stimulating the heart and the respiratory system, green tea assists in bringing more oxygen to the brain, keeping drinkers on their toes. Green tea has one of the lowest caffeine levels among all tea types.

Theanine combats stress, tension and anxiety without inducing drowsiness, giving the drinker a sense of calm and “relaxed alertness.” Researchers have also stated that when theanine is consumed on a regular basis, it can diminish Pre Menstrual Syndrome and lower the blood pressure.

C2 Cool & Clean Green Tea is an invigorating, convenient, and contemporary adaptation of this thousand-year old, healthy drink.

Delicately brewed from fresh green tea leaves, Camellia sinensis, C2 captures the Yin and Yang of nature with its soothing and relaxing component, coupled with a mild rejuvenating element that restores vitality. C2 also reflects the dynamic lifestyle of the cyber age: it’s best taken chilled, making it a refreshing drink any time of the day; it offers five delectable flavors; and its PET bottle with re-sealable cap makes it handy to carry around.

C2, manufactured by Universal Robina Corporation (URC), is available nationwide in flavors that offer a soothing yet stimulating drinking experience: Plain Green Tea, Green Tea Lemon, Green Tea Apple, Green Tea Peach and Black Tea Lemon.

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  1. Hi, I’m an avid drinker of c2 lemon lite. Is there any bad effects if I drink it everyday?

    And one more thing, I am having a hard time these past months looking for it. It’s not available to large groceries here in Manila.

  2. Hi I recently went to the Philippines and I fell in love with C2, but the problem is I live in USA and I was wondering if there was a way i could buy it online or something. Thank you very much for your help

  3. hi, i’m a advertising student.may i know what advertising strategy did you’ve used and who are your specific target consumer?…..

  4. I am very interested with your advertisements on television but I’ve never seen any in brochures or fliers, so can you please send me some copy?

  5. .hi! hello!
    were the senior students of SNA,.we really love c2, .before if you drink soft drinks sosyal ka na. ,but now,. pag may c2 ka, .bongga ka, .but anyway all of us are bonggang bongga!!!!!!!!
    we really love c2, ,the ones that cant aford c2 before can now buy c2 solo, .sobrang tipid sa allowance, ,.we love c2 red and yellow .,
    whew, .and daming bottles ng c2 sa room namin,. we decided if the christmas party comes, gagawin manin yun na christmas tree, .parang tower. . anyway red nman. . heeeeeee. . .ganda dba??. . were planning to make our friendster, .yung batch namin and it will be named C2 EMPIRE …………from your product name. . we salute you!!

  6. i fell in love with apple c2 while working for half a year in pampanga. im back in the states now in ohio and was wondering how i can get some apple c2, i really do love this beverage. please respond with good news. thanks

  7. Hi, I would like to distribute c2 here in our town (Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya), Ifugao and Mt. Province. Hope I can avail
    discount so that I can Market it. Im looking forward to venture business with your company specially the C2 product distribution this coming election…..

  8. funtastic drink… I am a drinker of green tea for the past 8 years now. would definitely like to know whether you will be interested in exporting your product to India.. Pls kindly do get back at the earliest.

    [From the Admin] Thanks! Please visit http://www.urcexports.com

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