Magic Flakes and the Filipino’s Funny Fondness for Food

It’s funny how Pinoys are so head-over-heels in love with food.

It seems that food’s dominance over Juan dela Cruz is made evident, not only through the actual amount of edibles he consumes, but also by other traits weaved within his daily routine. One will even notice that the Pinoy’s inherent enthusiasm to munch is reflected by certain practices that may seem humorous, even a bit odd to the onlooker.

  1. Greetings: We are perhaps one of the few, if not the only, people who actually use “kumain ka na?” (“have you eaten?”) as a form of greeting, at any time of the day.
  2. Food per square meter: In his world, no Pinoy is ever far from food. No matter where you go within the Philippines, there will always be an eating place, a sari-sari store, a karenderia, a fishball vendor, an ice cream cart, a taho seller, or other merchants selling all kinds of edible wares within a few meters of each other.
  3. Meals all day: Other cultures may be satisfied with the standard three-meal-a-day practice, but not the Pinoy. Four is the average number of meals consumed on a daily basis: breakfast, lunch, Merienda or mid-afternoon snack, and finally, dinner. This does not include the “pica-pica” nibbled throughout the day and the “pulutan” that comes with chill-out drinks after work.

Magic FlakesSo, with the Pinoy’s hearty appetite and enthusiastic eating habits in mind, Jack ‘n Jill Magic Flakes has veered away from the traditional three-cracker packs to give Pinoys more value for their money, and their stomachs. With an extra piece for the price of three, Magic Flakes’ flaky crackers are a delicious and satisfying snack, a versatile companion for mealtimes, a convenient “baon” for school, work or outings, and a comforting partner when you’re feeling under the weather. With four crackers in every pack, Magic Flakes is already a filling fare on its own.

Whether the Pinoy eats four or eight times a day, whether he’s splurging on Crispy Pata or scrimping on the humble Tuyo, Magic Flakes is always there to satisfy the Filipino’s unquenchable, though funny and slightly odd, passion for food.

One thought on “Magic Flakes and the Filipino’s Funny Fondness for Food

  1. Ahmm.. favorite ko po na biscuit is Magic flakes.. kaso.. ngayon po ala na nag titinda gano ng Magic Flakes.. Sana mag labas kea ng bagong Commercial sa TV na tungkol sa Magic Flakes.. I’ve got an idea na papatok.. try nyo po yung apat dapat na line nyo.. sa F4.. yung palabas sa TV na Boys Over Flower… may alam po akong magandang story sa Magic Flakes.. kung may balak pa po keo gumawa ng commercial.. sana kunin nyo po akong guess hehe.. kung gus2 nyo nmn po malaman ng story para sa commercial pwede nyo po ako i contact sa digits ko 09105872956 .. tctc more power po

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