Jack ‘n Jill: Brad Turvey’s constant companions

He’s half-Chinese, a quarter-Australian, a quarter-Scottish — and a full-blooded hottie! With to-die-for good looks, TV star and commercial model Brad Turvey has all the makings of an international heartthrob. Fortunately for his adoring fans, he’s a guy who’s found a lot of reasons — delicious ones — to fall madly in love with the Philippines.

Brad TurveyBrad made the very important decision to settle in the Philippines about three and a half years ago. Since he was used to Australia’s wild outback and beaches, Brad immediately adored our country’s very own tourist spots like our astonishing seascapes, particularly, the many dive sites. Today, scuba diving tops his myriad of favorite physical activities. He also found himself joining the badminton craze, along with many of his showbiz colleagues, in between tapings and photo shoots.

Aside from exploring new activities and places in the Philippines, this Aussie cutie likewise discovered how the locals’ big appetite can be infectious. By regularly hanging out with his Pinoy friends, co-actors and models, he started acquiring his own Filipino taste. His favorite Philippine dishes? Lechon, tapa and lumpia!

His snacking habits also changed. With such a demanding schedule, Brad always makes sure he sneaks time for snacks and chips. Like scuba diving and modeling, the local selection of snacks has also been a grand discovery for him. His favorites: Jack ‘n Jill. In fact, it’s not beyond Brad to raid the nearest convenience store for his favorite Jack ‘n Jill snack, V-Cut! “Jack ‘n Jill snacks are right up my alley,” mused Brad. “It’s a bit similar to the ones I used to munch on in Australia, but they say these chips were made to suit the Pinoy’s taste—which made me realize that I love the Pinoy’s taste!”

In fact, Jack ‘n Jill snacks have been a staple in all of his activities: during midnight binges, after a tiring game of badminton, after an exhilarating dive, and especially in between takes of his shoots. Aside from V-Cut, he also enjoys other good old Pinoy snack favorites like Chippy, Cloud 9, Spuds, even Dewberry. Brad has also started to get into XO candies and Quake Cakes in a big way.

Brad has been quite busy with his showbiz commitments. Some of his biggest breaks included a VJ-ing stint in Channel V, popular movies, big modeling assignment (for a TV and print commercial) opposite popular American singer Mandy Moore. Currently, he is playing the role of Axiom, a Sapiryan warrior in Encantadia. During shoots, Brad shares his favorite Jack ‘n Jill snacks with his co-stars and the crew.

With more upcoming projects, there’s no doubt that Brad will be staying much longer in the Philippines — perhaps constantly carrying a Jack ‘n Jill snack pack to share in every assignment. With each take, we’ll be seeing Brad completely getting into the Pinoy vibe.

3 thoughts on “Jack ‘n Jill: Brad Turvey’s constant companions

  1. hmnn..ive been in boracay last april 17,2006..im not really expecting to saw him arround..hehe
    his nice..ive got a remembrance of him a picture and a friendly kiss..thanks brad..It’s a nice moment to see a hunk like you..

  2. What a nice guy! Absolutely agreed!
    My husband and I took a diving trip in Anilao, Philippines in April 2007 and were very lucky to have him as our Dive Master(DM). He is the most excellent DM I’ve met before. He not only guided you under the water, he also gave us recommendation for improvement, brought us to some “secret” but very nice dive site…etc. Really appreciated his guidance during my diving in Philippines.

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