25 thoughts on “TV Commercial: C2 Green Tea Equation

  1. i like C2 apple and lemon flavors i drink it twice a day … i hope you can come up with new flavors….like mango, pomelo, dalandan or orange… thanks… more power to C2…..

  2. Is there a downloadable commercial for c2? We are doing a presentation in our class…i hope we could use it.

    [From the Admin] Sorry… contracts with talents prevents us from making downloads available.

  3. I just noticed that in your product’s label, the scientific name of the plant from wher you extract tea is incorrectly written. The species name must not begin with a capital letter. It is one of the rules of taxonomy. It must be written as Camilla sinensis. Hope you correct this error. Thank you.

    Babelyn Dimabayao
    BS Biology
    UP Diliman QC

    [From Admin] Thank you for the comment regarding the Linnaean conventions for capitalization. We’ve forwarded your comment to those involved in packaging design.

  4. I just got back from the Philippines and damn I miss C2, all the flavors, especially the Lemon. I really felt a healthy benefit from it and now I am stuck with Lipton again. Please bring it to the USA, I miss C2!!!!

  5. hat does it means? sasabihin nating cool? clean? di pang masa ang setting
    pag gusto nating mag market ang isang product dapat ang target market natin ay ang atheletic at busy person, kase ang green tea ay anti oxidant di ba dapat ma ipakita natin ang advantage ang pag inum ng green tea kesa soda(soft drinks) nakita nyo na ba ang commercial ni Jackie Chan sa Pepsi? kung paano nya tapakan ang coke at sinipa? natikman ko na itong green tea na ito bago bumalik dito sa california pasado sya at ang green tea drinks dito ay malakas sa mga oriental restaurant. Ang masasabi ko lang sa commercial ay napakaarte. mag kano ang binayan kay manankil> kung sabagay mayaman na yan nagkasalubong kami nyan nung kasal ni Willie revillame sa the Tent ba yon?

  6. This is a long shot, but do you know what the font for “C2” is? If it is made specifically for the product, that’s too bad. 🙁 I like the font!

    [From the Admin] Hi, Jessica! I like the font, too, but couldn’t find any TTF or related fonts online. I found out from the Brand people that the font was made specifically for the product.

  7. Hi I just received a text message and it reads the following:

    Beware of dringking C2 GREEN TEA. Its not the tea that affects you but the chemical released from the bottle. The plastic called Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET bottles contain potentially carcinogenic elements (cancer causing chemical agents) Check bottom of bottle, there’s a triangle sign with a number 1… any number under 5 will release the chemical especially of C2, since Tea Leaves are brewed and filled into the PLASTIC BOTTLES WHILE HOT. No wonder the bottles are so thick. Please advise family, friends especialy childre. Please Pass.

    [From the Admin] Hi! Here’s the URC Statement on the PET Bottle Issue. Thanks!

  8. hi there!!!

    i also received same txt from one of your avid customer..i also want to express my feelings regarding with this issue because honestly its really my fav tea,esp. the apple flavor….
    after reading your respnse rgarding with the issue, i can now tell my friends that the issues about c2 was a mistake and really very untrue…

    i luv ur c2 tea…god bless and more power!!!

    maybe,,for a change u could redesign the packaging…just making a suggestion… :>

  9. hi! just want to ask, when do u usually show this commercial on tv and in what channels?

    [From the Admin] Hello, Mara! I’ve sent your comment to the URC Customer Care Group.

  10. You guys have an excellent website that is current and relevant (quickly addressing the circulating text). It’s a rare sight to see for even an “imported” brand to have a up-to-date and interactive website, let alone a home brand site. Two thumbs up for the Admin and the responses for the comments posted.

    Oh, and I love the original C2 Green tea. It doesn’t have that overwhelming sweet taste to it, like the other brands out there.

    A truly world-class Filipino product!

    [From the Admin] Thank you for the kind words, John, and for taking the time to send us feedback. Thank you also to all the readers and the commenters for helping build this site with your presence and your poems, blog entries, and written thoughts.

  11. hi. i have observed that the C2 market is expanding and becoming diverse. it seems that it is not only the health conscious people are drinking it and it’s not really the health benefits of green tea (antioxidants) that they are particular with but the flavor. at this point, does C2 have a definite or primary market despite these changes? thanks

  12. i dont like c2. im kinda sawa na.. kasi i have observed that 4 almost reining tea products over years, nawala na ung quality nyo….

    [From the Admin] Thanks for the feedback. I’ve forwarded your comment to the URC Customer Care group.

  13. I work in a call center. Even before, I really wanted not to be addicted with highly carbonated drinks. And I ‘d like to thank you for coming up with this drink. It helps alot hydrating my throat when on shift. I hope it doesn’t offer any side effects after some times. And, I would like to suggest that if you could take a look on your retail prices in different mini stores like 7/11, do so because these establishments are taking too much advantage with the demands. Thank You!

  14. hope there is a c2 has anti-oxidant and slimming tea but the good taste should always remain

  15. may i know the name latest model of c2 im one of here avid fan of c2. thnaks

  16. Good day:
    First of all, I would like to congrats your company because your company’s product really attract a lot of consumers. URC’s product can satisfy our demands. After consuming your company’s product, we still like to purchase it again and again. I remember during my high school time, I am consuming a medium size c2 almost every other day! hehe, I like the lemon and apple flavor the most. I suggest that your company to make more flavors of C2, let’s say guyamano flavor, pine apple flavor and etc.

  17. Hi there!I just want to ask what are some of the advantages in C2 product coz we will make a research for our thesis in school.more power to C2.

  18. ur c2 model is very convincing..
    i will not wonder if she can increase thirty percent to the target sales of the company.. she’s a great assets of your company.. God bless c2 products..

  19. i really like C2 green tea, in fact, yan na ang gnagwa kong tubig.. sobrang refreshing kasi sya.. lalo na kpag mrami akong ginagawa sa school, C2 tlga ang best friend ko.. i always feel relaxed.. ramdam ko tlaga ang benifits ng green tea with C2 green tea..

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