Power up with Bull Fighter

Sustain your energy with Bull Fighter, an , from Universal Robina Corporation (URC), that contains a chain of amino acids which helps improve stamina, promotes muscle build-up and aids in the regeneration of tired, stressed muscles.

Bull FigherBull Fighter is likewise packed with Vitamin C, which increases immunity against sickness.

Asia’s first energy drink to be packaged in 150mL unbreakable PET bottles with resealable cap, Bull Fighter is designed for maximum portability. Aside from its convenient packaging, Bull Fighter is also the most affordable energy drink in the market today at a suggested retail price of P23.00 per bottle in supermarkets

With its potency and health-giving ingredients, Bull Fighter is the perfect energy drink for people with active lifestyles. Whether you’re a sports buff or a busy call center agent, Bull Fighter will raise your energy level and keep stress at bay.

Unleash your mental and physical strengths with Bull Fighter. Now available in supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

4 thoughts on “Power up with Bull Fighter

  1. can you provide me with the telephone number of the brand manager of bull fighter?

    [From the Admin] Hello! I’ve forwarded your comment to the Brand Manager. The trunkline of URC is +63.2.6712935 to 42.

  2. Hi Sylvester… Here’s the info you requested:

    Jill Villanueva
    Tel +63.2.6713988 or 6713970
    Fax +63.2.6713970
    Trunkline +63.2.6712935 to 42, locs. 166 / 267

  3. When do we drink Bull Fighter before a work out?
    Do we drink it was we begin the work out or an hour or so before the work out?
    Please respond. Thanks

  4. You can take Bull Fighter Energy Drink before, during or after workout. It can help improve your mental functions (mood and alertness), boost your immunity, and stretch your performance on exhaustive endurance workouts. After exercise, it can help relieve muscle fatigue. After a night of drinking, it can help relieve hangover.

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