PET Bottles and C2 Green Tea

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding C2 Green Tea and PET Bottles.

What are the steps being taken by the company to ensure the safety of consumers patronizing C2 drinks?

All raw and packaging materials that go into the production of C2 undergo strict sampling, inspection and testing according to international test methods to make sure they all pass the standards of quality and safety before use. The process and facilities are designed by global players according to international standards. All materials, finished products and the plant facilities are audited regularly and approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs.

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URC unveils limited-edition C2 Gold

C2 GoldNow on its 50th year of bringing Filipino taste to the rest of the world, Universal Robina Corporation (URC) unveils the commemorative limited edition C2 gold bottle. The exciting new look of C2 Gold salutes the pioneering spirit of URC in creating and innovating a fun, colorful and diverse mix of food and beverage products.

With its immensely popular line of C2 Green Tea products, URC made green tea a household name synonymous with health, life and vigor. Perfectly brewed from natural green tea leaves and bottled on the same day, C2 Green Tea is healthy and cleansing with a cool and clean taste that goes down light and easy.

C2 Gold, which is available in the 500ml size of C2 Green Tea plain variant, celebrates the triumphs of URC and of the Filipino.

C2 Green Tea’s Cool & Clean winner

C2 Green Tea’s recent promo, C2 Cool & Clean Stakes at Ministop, has found its winner in Catalina de los Santos.

C2 Green Tea is treating Catalina to an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Boracay complete with pocket money. Catalina will be housed for 3 days at the Mandala Spa, where she can enjoy complimentary breakfast and yoga classes daily.

Popularly known as today’s inner spa because of its invigorating effect on the body, C2 is made form natural green tea leaves delicately brewed to release their cool and clean taste that goes down light and easy. And because C2 is brewed and bottled on the same day, you get only the purest flavor and taste of natural green tea.

It also contains antioxidants called, “Catechins”, making C2 Green Tea a refreshing drink and a healthier alternative to your usual beverage. This is why nothing relaxes and recharges like C2 Green Tea.

C2 Green Tea is available in plain, peach, lemon and apple flavors nationwide.

PET Bottle Issue

Here is the URC Statement on the PET Bottle Issue

The use of PET bottles for cold and hot-fill food and beverages has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) as well as the European Food Safety Authority. Universal Robina Corporation has adopted this innovative packaging for its C2 tea drinks. In doing so, URC strictly adheres to the conditions of use for PET bottles, as set forth by the food and drug organizations of both the United States and Europe.

C2 manufactures its bottles only from virgin materials. It is perfectly safe for a consumer to re-use a C2 (PET) bottle as long as it has not been used earlier to store harmful chemicals, and full sanitation is applied prior to the next usage occasion.

We have full confidence in the safety of our PET bottles, knowing it has the stamp of approval by international food and drug organizations, and that millions of people around the world use the same type of bottle C2 uses to enjoy their beverages every day.

The text and email messages saying that C2’s use of PET bottles is dangerous to the health are totally false. Judging from its content, we now believe that these were circulated with the malicious intent of destroying the reputation of a product that is now being enjoyed by millions of consumers nationwide.

URC 17Q, 3Q FY2006

Here is the URC SEC 17-Q Report for the Third Quarter 2006 (Quarter ended June 30, 2006). Please right-click on the link below and left-click on “File Save As…”


Here is the presentation file covering URC’s Performance for the Nine Months ended June 30, 2006 (FY 2006). Please right-click on the link below and left-click on “File Save As…”


Here is an excerpt from the 17Q Report:

Results of Operations
Nine Months Ended June 30, 2006 versus June 30, 2005

URC posted a consolidated net sales and services of P26.043 billion for the nine months ended June 30, 2006, a 15.4% increase from P22.566 billion in the same period last year.

The increase in net sales and services was driven by continuous product innovation, brand advertising and distribution system improvements. Revenue growth was driven by branded consumer foods (excluding packaging) revenues which grew by 15.3%. Domestic revenues grew by 14.1% while international sales grew by 18.0%. Branded domestic sales was boosted by a 132.8% increase in beverages, while international revenues continue to enjoy strong performance from Thailand, Malaysia, China and Vietnam sales which grew by 25.0%, 18.5%%, 273.7% and 277.8%, respectively. Soft consumer demand brought about by rising oil prices and the implementation of expanded value added tax, caused the slower implementation of price increases to preserve volume growth.

The continuous implementation of cost control measures has enable the company to maintain its gross margin at 26% over-all increased gross profit by 15.1% to P6.831 billion vis-a-vis the same period in fiscal 2005, despite the continuous rise in input prices such as raw and packaging materials. Operating expenses were higher by 16.8% at P 4.627 billion from P3.961 billion in the same period last year, as a result of the continuing rise in freight costs, expanding regional operations and sustained marketing activity both domestically and internationally. In spite of higher operating expenses, the Company yielded an income from operations of P2.204 billion, an increase of 11.7% or P 231 million from last year’s income from operations of P 1.973 billion for the same period.