C2 Green Tea Is Brewed And Bottled On The Same Day

C2 green tea is brewed and bottled on the same dayC2 Green Tea is the only green tea that’s brewed and bottled on the same day!

Natural green tea leaves.
Not just powder. Not just concentrates. C2 contains pure, natural green tea leaves perfectly brewed to release their delicate flavor.

C2 brews natural green tea leaves gently to retain the antioxidants normally lost in other extraction processes.

Chinese characters
The Chinese characters found on the bottle translate to: “brewed from natural green tea leaves.”

What you read is what you drink–all the goodness, the freshness and flavor of natural green tea leaves of the Camellia sinensis variety, brewed and bottled on the very same day only by C2 Green Tea!

C2 Green Tea is the only green tea drink that goes through the unique process of capturing the purest, most natural flavor of Green Tea so it gets to you the way it should.

And that makes the C2 difference!

14 thoughts on “C2 Green Tea Is Brewed And Bottled On The Same Day

  1. is c2 an energy drink or sports drink?

    [From the Admin] Hi Vince! It is neither, because C2 Green Tea is a freshly-brewed green tea which is a healthier alternative to soft drinks.

  2. Where can i avail bulk orders of c2. and how much will they be?

    [From the Admin] Thanks for writing, Gino! Our sales people will get in touch with you.

  3. I live in California in the States. Where can I buy C2 here?

    [From the Admin] Hi Chris! There are Filipino stores in the States. Our Exports people will email you additional details. Thanks!

  4. I live in Chicago and my husband and I loves C2 Green Tea Apple flavor. Where/How can i purchase this in bulk?

  5. I live in Toronto, Canada and was just in the Philippines and drank C2 almost everyday. I love the Apple and Lemon flavour. Is this available in Toronto?

  6. I drink C2 Green Tea almost everyday and have lost a lot of weight since then (of course with exercise and diet also). Drinking C2 Green Tea relaxes and calms me. You guys should market C2 Green Tea with it’s weight lost benefits (it is already proven), it could really help a lot of people. I’m 27 years old turning 28 I feel now a lot younger because of your wonderful product.

  7. HEEY! i really love C2!!! i really love Apple Flavor… 😀

    Did C2 originate from The Philippines? Just asking. Thanks!! 🙂

  8. I just got back from the Philippines!I drank C2 Green tea apple flavor almost everyday. Where/How can I get bulk orders of C2 green tea apple flavor

  9. I fell in love with C2 (apple and lemon) when I was in the Philippines a few weeks ago. I live in Northern Indiana. Where can I buy C2 close to me? Thank you so much in advance.

  10. Hi there, this is matthew reymatias, a student form the university of asia and the pacific. We are currently looking for sponsorships for our arts event. maybe your good company could be one of the sponsors. And you may set-up a booth to our event. If interested please let me know. we’ll appreciate it

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