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Tell us about your best “oops” moments and how you were able to put a twist into the situation. Get a chance to win a trip with accommodations to Boracay for you and 3 of your friends by joining Cloud 9’s Trip Trip Lang. Let Cloud 9, your ultimate feel good chocolate bar, keep your positive vibe going even when everything and everyone else around you isn’t…because with Cloud 9, you can always bite into the bright side!!!

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DOH-BFAD PERMIT NO 0249 s 2007

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  1. good morning! I tried sending an entry for the oops moment of Cloud 9 trip trip lang. However when I click the send button, I cannot send the document. please help. thanks.

    [From the Admin] Hi, Ms. Mary Ann! It sounds like an internet firewall issue. At any rate, you can also submit your story using the Comment area of this page. Please include in your comment your Name, Email, Postal Address, Phone Number, and Age.

    Also, posting your story via this comment area means you have read and agree with the Cloud 9 Trip Trip Lang Promo Mechanics.

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    [From the Admin] Thank you for your story! I’ve forwarded it to the URC Brand people.

  3. I have same experience as Mary Ann’s. Anyway, here’s my entry for Oops moment of Cloud 9 Trip Trip Lang. Hope you receive it this time….

    [story hidden]


    [From the Admin] Thank you for your story, Ms. Cherry! I just need your:

    1. Postal Address
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    3. Age

    Looks like certain ISPs are blocking the form used in the Promo Mechanics page, while other ISPs allow their subscribers to use the submission form successfully.

  4. there is this one time at… [story hidden]

    [From the Admin] Thank you for your Oops story, Mr. Roland! Kindly send us your Age, to complete your submission.

  5. I really love eating chocolates…! Lalo na kapag may nuts. Noon, di ko pa alam ang Cloud 9. Ginawa ng mga friends ko last year nung birthday ko, tinakpan nila mga mata ko ng panyo. At ipinatikim nila sa akin ang Cloud 9. Hanggang inubos ko. Cloud 9 pala. Mula nun favorite ko na siya at simuls noon, Lagi ako bumibili at iniinggit ng mga friends ko.. At ako pa naghahabol sa Cloud 9!!! hehehe..

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