Sid Maderazo takes on C2’s new TVC

Young hotshot director Sid Maderazo, famous for his slice-of-life takes on pop culture, is at the helm of a new TV spot that’s sure to get everyone asking: Which C2 are you? Armed with a strong sense of style and a keen eye for visuals, Sid tackles the question head-on in his latest TV opus.

“C2 has always struck me as a refreshing drink. It reminds me of wide open spaces,” Sid says. “It’s this same sense of cool and clean openness that we wanted to bring out in the commercial.”

Sid built on the inherent qualities of each of C2’s new flavors: Kiwi, Strawberry, Lychee, and Forest Fruits. “Each flavor has an encompassing color scheme and overall feel,” he notes.

For Kiwi, Sid chose a green backdrop of bamboo stalks rustling gently in the morning breeze. Green, after all, is a calming color that’s known to quiet the mind and relax the spirit. “It has this Zen quality to it,” Sid muses.

Strawberry, being a vibrant red color, has a sense of chic that one simply can’t find in any other fruit. “You can almost feel the relaxed coolness in there,” Sid notes. He offset the drink with an unusual Moroccan spa motif, replete with stuccoed walls and finely carved rouge-colored arches.

Lychee, with its distinctive reddish brown color, is a lively fruit that’s well-loved for its bursting sweetness. “It’s a ‘chill’ kind of fruit,” says Sid with his usual pop culture insight. For the TV spot, he set the drink amidst a midsummer day at the beach –perfect for hanging out with friends.

Sid rounded up the commercial with Forest Fruits, a tasty mélange of flavors, which evokes a sense of fun that’s all its own. Sid explains how he captured the exciting feel of the unique variant: “We wanted to wrap everything up dynamically, so we actually rigged a catapult to throw the fruits up into the air and shot the whole thing in slow motion.”

He then tied all the visuals together with water because “C2 is all about coolness and cleanness, after all. No matter what flavor you choose you’ll always come back to those basic qualities.”

So, which C2 are you? To find out, tune in to your favorite TV station for Sid Maderazo’s latest piece, and catch the newest C2 Green Tea flavors at your nearest supermarket.

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  1. Bakit po wala ng C2 Forest Fruits? Sayang masarap po kasi eh sana po ibalik nyo na un kasi masarap hehe thanks po

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