Refresh Flavored Drink Celebrates Creativity and Teamwork

Refresh Christmas LanternPio del Pilar Elementary School bagged first prize in Refresh Flavored Drink’s Sining Galing Competition, an interschool contest that challenged kids to use cooperation, creativity and ingenuity in creating lanterns out of recycled Refresh Flavored Drink cups.

Pio del Pilar’s entry was a large, five-pointed lantern with each “arm” of its star changing colors from base to point. The well-deserved win earned them an Educational Trip to Enchanted Kingdom.

Crowned Second Prize was Libis Talisay Elementary School. Their work was also a five-pointed lantern, highlighted by dozens of flower-like ornaments in the colors of the Yuletide season. Their prize was an Educational Trip to Manila Ocean Park.

Third Prize was awarded to Tomas Morato Elementary School, with yet another execution of the basic five-pointed lantern, this time with each of its “arms” bristling all over with Refresh cups, with bright lights coming from within. Their work won them an Educational Trip to Museo Pambata.

The contest was part of Refresh Flavored Drink’s Pamaskong Maningning Para sa Chikiting, the culminating event of the Refresh Sining Galing recycling project that kicked-off earlier in the year. This project began with a cup collection drive among the participating schools, wherein children gathered as many used Refresh Flavored Drink cups. The first place winner from each school won a Grand Christmas Party Package while the second place finisher won a Christmas party package as well. The second phase of the Sining Galing Recycling project was the Creative Crafts competition wherein each Grade 4, 5 and 6 class in the participating schools vied to make the best Christmas lantern out of the used Refresh cups. The winner was awarded with a Grand Class Party Package and giveaways and the chance to represent their school in the Interschool Sining Galing Competition.

Refresh Flavored Drink’s campaign yielded a host of creative and merrily designed Christmas lanterns and showed kids just how much they can achieve with imagination, teamwork and hard work. It was, all together, as fitting message for the season of giving.

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