C2 Green Tea Orange: The First Green Tea in Orange

Lovers of Green Tea beverages have something new to drink to because the leading brand of cool and clean green tea has just introduced another delicious variant: The C2 Green Tea Orange.

This newest addition to the C2 roster of delicious and healthy green tea drinks combines the health-giving goodness of green tea with the world’s most popular flavor – orange.

The result is a drink that packs the refreshing citrus flavor of orange that is still brewed from natural green tea leaves of Camellia sinensis, which is rich in an antioxidant called catechins. Bottling it on the same day as well locks in the freshness of a naturally brewed tea drink.

This new product from Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) Beverage division offers the health-conscious set an even wider range of drinking satisfaction with yet another variation of the famous ready-to-drink green tea.

Taken with a healthy diet and exercise, and a lifestyle that balances physical care with intellectual and spiritual nourishment, C2 Green Tea Orange is another must-have component of the C2 Life.

C2 Green Tea Orange is now available in supermarkets, convenience stores, sari-sari stores and groceries nationwide.

2 thoughts on “C2 Green Tea Orange: The First Green Tea in Orange

  1. Hi,

    Is there a way not to use plastic bottles for C2, because this would greatly help our world to mitigate Global Warming.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi there! Why not come up with malunggay tea? I think that would be the most nutritious and refreshing tea ever! it would certainly hit the market!

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