Coffee Twist: Experience coffee like never before

Add a refreshing new twist to your caffeine fix with Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) newest creation, Coffee Twist. This line of ready-to-drink iced coffee will definitely perk you up in the most delicious way, anytime of the day.

Aromatic and definitely delectable, Coffee Twist Classic is a refreshing beverage, perfect for the busy and active individual. For those who want something strong and straightforward, Coffee Twist Classic is definitely the best bet with its sweet concoction of your favorite black coffee, twisted into a cold refreshing beverage, which you’re sure to love.

Coffee Twist also presents two flavors that compliment the richness of black coffee: Hazelnut, which is a bit on the sweet and nutty side, and Orange, with just the right hint of tanginess.

Coffee Twist is conveniently packed in sip and seal bottles, perfect for young and active individuals on the go. Be it for late night cramming with group mates, on-the-go mornings when you’re rushing to a meeting, or simply when hanging out with friends, there’s a bottle of Coffee Twist just right for you. Break free from the monotony of your usual everyday drink and be unexpectedly refreshed with new Coffee Twist. Refreshing coffee, anytime, anywhere.

Now available in leading supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide.

Coffee Twist

Coffee Twist