Restore and Refresh your body with Yin Yang Cooling Tea

Drink your way to good health with Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) newest beverage offering, Yin Yang cooling tea.

Yin Yang Cooling tea is inspired by a Chinese belief that good health begins by maintaining balance in the body. According to a traditional Chinese belief, our body has a condition which is called “internal heat. This “internal heat” is caused by the hot, fried and spicy food we eat. “Internal heat, or an excess of it, causes the imbalance in our body, which, in turn, leads to sickness. As a remedy to this, the Chinese drink “cooling tea ”made from carefully-selected cooling herbs. Cooling herbs take heat away from the body thus restoring our body’s natural balance.

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Nestle Pure Life’s Light and Easy Recipes

When in a rush or when your kids are impatiently starving, it’s easy to stray from healthy-eating habits in an attempt to gratify the grumbles. Give your meals a lift: try two delightfully easy recipes from Nestle Pure Life that are sure to please the whole family. You can prepare these light and delectable dishes in only 20 minutes and you’ll enjoy it even more with a refreshing bottle of Nestle Pure Life.

Nestle Pure Life believes in giving you and your family the health you deserve. This is why it is cleaned by reverse osmosis, and contains essential minerals added for your health. With Nestle Pure Life your family can get all the health benefits your body needs.

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URC’s Vitalac TVC directed by Stephen Ngo

URC’s delicious, nutritious and affordable new product Vitalac Powdered Filled Milk recently launched its new television commercial (TVC) directed by famed director, Stephen Ngo. The commercial highlights Vitalac’s tagline, Hindi mahal and magmahal, through the TVC’s “puppy love” concept.

“The story is about a mother who sees her little boy crushing on the little girl who just moved in across the street. She prepared two glasses of Vitalac milk, gave one glass to her son and asked him to give the other glass to the little girl. That delicious welcoming gesture then leads to a friendship born from a glass of Vitalac” Direk Stephen says. For the little boy’s character in the commercial, a glass of Vitalac is synonymous to love as shown to him by his mother.

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Boy 2 Quizon endorses URC’s Magic Flakes Junior

Boy 2 Quizon, one of the country’s most talented young hosts and comedians, discloses the delicious and affordable way to be rid of stress — through Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) latest innovation, Magic Flakes Junior.

“It is delicious, practical and convenient. You can just put it in your pocket and eat it anytime you’re hungry. And at only P3.00 per pack, everyone can now afford a yummy and filling snack,” he exclaims. “That’s why I feel stress-free when I have it.”

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Cream-O Awards Online Video-Making Contest Winners

Cream-Oholics proved once again that they would do anything to get their hands on Cream-O. They would jump off a hill, scream at the top of their lungs, swim a wild river, brave a cemetery and run hundreds of miles. All these and more were featured in the videos uploaded by the contestants of the Cream-O Online Video-Making Contest.

Amazing prizes were given away to the recently-announced winners, which include a MacBook Air laptop for the grand prize, a Canon Vixia Camcorder for the 2nd prize and an iPod Touch for the 3rd prize.

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