Creativity and adventure in every box of Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels

Kids want to have the best of times, all the time. For them, even the simplest yet creative tasks can turn around another ordinary day into a wonderful one. You can set sail on whole new world of fun through Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels – a delightful kiddie treat that opens up a child’s creativity and imagination through exciting games and treasure maps found on the back of every Pretzels box.

Aside from watching TV, playing video games and surfing online – kids can find added excitement in activities that are entertaining and easy to grasp. Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels presents “The Great Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels Adventure” which offers 24 colorful and unique collectibles that kids can enjoy and play with. Every Pretzels box comes with different back panels with designs featuring 12 action-packed game pieces and 12 interactive treasure maps. Kids can let their imaginations determine the shape and the flow of the game as they can collect as many pieces as possible, to extend the game board to their liking. The more designs kids get to collect, the bigger the chances they get to have more adventures.

Fun times can also become quality bonding moments. Let kids enjoy creative activities that they can share with their friends and family, along with Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels – the ultimate fun snack for kids to share. With a new box of Pretzels every time, kids are encouraged to learn more, play more and enjoy more delicious treats. Let your kid grow up into a fun-loving and creative child who knows how to value great ideas and who knows how to share great moments with others. Jack ‘n Jill gives every kid a reason to bite into a Pretzels adventure! Collect all 24 designs now by grabbing a pack of Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels available in stores nationwide.