Energetic kids go for Jack ‘n Jill Wafrets Brix

It’s always delightful to see keen and active kids bustling with enthusiasm and joy. To help children maintain their happy energy, moms can surprise their kids with Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) yummy new snack created to please the little ones’ taste buds and tummies – Jack ‘n Jill Wafrets Brix.

Delicious and affordable, Wafrets Brix offers two flavors of crispy wafer goodness in chocolate and cheese filling that kids can’t help but love. Every handy pack makes an ideal companion for kids who are energetically playing or attentively studying. Make everyday baon super special by inserting a pack or two of Wafrets Brix in their lunch boxes and be assured that they will have a snack that will give them energy. Want them to make more friends and have more playmates? Give them extra Wafrets Brix they can share with other equally eager kids. By learning to share, they also experience a different and more meaningful kind of childhood joy.

Perfect for kids who are always on the go, Wafrets Brix is Jack ‘n Jill’s biggest wafer yet. Growing boys with big appetites will surely enjoy a pack or two for that much-needed rush as they enjoy their rough-and-tumble playtime with the other kids. Little girls who love eating snacks will also crave for more to help fuel their lively imaginations. Available at a suggested retail prive of only P5 each, Wafrets Brix provides budget- conscious moms a delicious snack alternative they can give to their kids. Feed your children’s boundless enthusiasm with Jack ‘n Jill Wafrets Brix, now available in stores nationwide.