World Hip Hop Superstars The Crew move and groove with Jack ‘n Jill Shake and Roll

World Hip Hop Dance Champions The Crew, who rose to hip hop stardom after winning the much-coveted title in 2012, gets a new claim to fame as the brand ambassadors for Shake and Roll, the latest potato chip snack from Jack ‘n Jill.

“Shake and Roll is all about being dynamic, innovative and exciting, all of which are traits that The Crew embodies,” says URC Snacks Category Head Ara Pascual. “It’s only fitting that we have these world-class dancers represent a world-class brand.”

Making the moves

The Crew, composed of Chinky and Von Asilo, Angel Sison, Miah Carcellar and Miko Corrales, brings their brand of masterful choreography to the Shake and Roll dance.

Featuring the four steps to enjoying the product—open, season, seal, shake and roll—the dance routine shows how awesome the Shake and Roll experience can be. The Crew shares that apart from being easy to follow, they wanted to make the steps fun and catchy.

“We played around with the dance steps until we captured that feeling of just having a good time,” says Von.

Action-packed pairing

Besting top teams from 43 other countries in the prestigious World Hip Hop Dance showdown in Vegas, The Crew’s big win gave the Philippines its third gold medal in the competition.

Their triumphant finish also earned the nation an achievement that hasn’t been done before: the most gold medal wins in the adult division in the history of the competition.

Though they have fronted the global stage of hip hop, The Crew shares that headlining a campaign for Jack ‘n Jill Shake and Roll is a bit daunting but nonetheless exciting, “The idea that we could give the brand an identity that hopefully people could relate with, thrilled us,” says Chinky.

Going back and forth between the classes they teach, rehearsals they attend, and performances and competitions they prepare for, The Crew shares that they turn to snacking to stay on top of their hectic schedules. “We always want to perform at an optimum level so it’s important for us to keep our energy up with our favorite treats. We enjoy snacking so much more now with Shake and Roll,” Miah reveals.

New snack revolution

In the same way that The Crew raises the bar in every performance, Shake and Roll takes the snacking experience to a different level.

The first of its kind in the market, Shake and Roll offers snack lovers the option to season chips to their own liking, as every pack of Shake and Roll includes a flavor packet that’s packed separately from the lightly seasoned chips. Made from premium grade, thinly sliced whole natural potatoes, Shake and Roll comes in two yummy Japanese-inspired flavors–Unagi Kabayaki and Salmon Sushi.

“Shake and Roll gives us a whole new way of enjoying snack time with flavors we’ve never tasted before. It’s a premium snack at a value price,” says Miko.

“We’re also delighted with its resealable packaging, something we think has been long overdue for snack treats,” Angel adds.

What are you waiting for? Take your cue from The Crew and go grab your Jack ‘n Jill Shake and Roll at major supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide!