Crunchy, chocolatey dreams come true with Cream-O

Sweet dreams are made of cookies—delicious Jack ‘n Jill Cream-O cookies, to be exact. The popular chocolate cookie brand recently launched a new TV commercial capturing the goodness of every chocoholic’s dream cookie come true.

The latest TV ad features “Cream-Oholics” who daydream about getting their yummy Cream-O fix at the most unexpected places. They imagine Cream-O’s crunchy, chocolate cookie sandwich and luscious filling so vividly that the Cream-Oholic gets lost in an enticing dreamscape.


“The ads capture how certified Cream-Oholics get lost in their chocolate cookie fantasy until they have their Cream-O in Chocolate and Vanilla to satisfy their cravings,” shared Stephen Ngo, who directed the TV commercial.

Just like in the TV commercial, adventurous snackers can enjoy Cream-O’s three-cookie packs in seven different variants and make their sweet dreams a reality! Cream-O is available at supermarkets, snack bars, and convenience stores nationwide.