Get snacking with the asim-kilig sarap of Jack ‘n Jill Champalok!

The sweet sour goodness of Tamarind candy is made even more irresistible with the all-new Jack ‘n Jill Champalok, the first tamarind-flavored gummy candy in the market!


Jack ‘n Jill Champalok is a delightful, modern take on the candied tamarind treats many enjoyed when they were young. The latest snack offers a burst of sweet and sour flavors with every bite. It tastes just like good ole sampalok, sans the seeds!

Coming in a handy 20g snack pack for only P5, fans of the native fruit can enjoy these yummy gummy treats on-the-go, during merienda or even as a midnight snack.

Tickle your tastebuds with a sweet-sour combination and get snacking with the asim-kilig sarap of Jack ‘n Jill Champalok, now available at leading supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide.