Make small barkada hang-outs more fun with Jack ‘n Jill Pic-A Buddy Pack

Parties and gatherings come in all sizes – even a party of two can be an awesome event, as long as you’ve got the right snack to keep you company. No matter how small the crowd, you can make any get-together more exciting with Jack ‘n Jill Pic-A, because your favorite party snack mix now comes in a Buddy Pack!

With Jack ‘n Jill Pic-A Buddy Pack, barkadas can enjoy the ultimate snack mix of Piattos potato crisps, Nova multigrain chips and Tostillas tortilla chips in a more convenient and affordable way.

So whether in the company of best buddies or hanging out with that special someone, Jack ‘n Jill Pic-A Buddy Pack is the perfect snack choice that will make small gatherings – from movie marathons, videoke nights, to afternoons playing video games – more fun and enjoyable.

The unique combination of Jack ‘n Jill’s well-loved snack brands comes in everyone’s favourite flavors – Ultimate Cheddar and BBQ Overload – and are available in leading supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores nationwide.