Maxx Candy’s “Do it to the Maxx” campaign spreads positivity and happiness

Maxx, the soothing menthol candy, inspires people to give their best in any pursuit with its Do it to the Maxx Campaign. The well-loved product from Universal Robina Corporation (URC) launched a catchy jingle that encourages everyone to maintain a positive outlook in life. To spread the optimism further, it also came out with an equally engaging Do it to the Maxx TV and radio commercial.

Maxx brought their feel-good campaign to various communities through the “Maxx Barangay Invasion,” held in partnership with Energy FM. The events featured contests like “Sing to the Maxx” and “Dance to the Maxx Showdown”. Maxx continued spreading the good vibes through the Maxx Festival Invasion, in partnership with Sky Cable Regional.

Life is indeed more enjoyable when one has the optimistic drive and is ready to “Do It to the Maxx” with Maxx candies. Maxx comes in Cherry, Dalandan Orange, Eucalyptus, Extra Strength, Honey Lemon, and Honey Mansi flavors, and is available in leading supermarkets, groceries, and sari-sari stores nationwide.