Chef Gino Gonzalez reinvents a chocolate classic with Choco Lava

These days, Chef Gino Gonzalez, the executive chef of premiere cuisine destinations Café Ysabel and Buenisimo, keeps himself busy by constantly adding more innovative creations to his world-class culinary fare. With a passion for good food and a mission to excite the Filipino palate, Chef Gino draws inspiration from his childhood, his gastronomic exploits abroad, and his vast culinary experience to reinvent old favorites. This time, he turns to his drive for exploration and discovery to conjure new flavors that will fire-up the appetite of chocolate- lovers.

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Valentine recipes for guilt-free indulgence

Love month is here, and for many, the season is associated with sweet indulgences that can pack on the calories. But romantic treats need not threaten the health-conscious. To show your special someone you care, get creative in the kitchen with easily available ingredients and Choco Lava, the luscious powdered chocolate drink with zero gram trans fat, less calories, and less sugar. With two simple but flavorful recipes specially concocted by Chef Gino Gonzalez of Buenisimo in Eastwood,

February can be so much sweeter, minus the guilt.

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Give in to guilt-free chocolate indulgence with Choco Lava

Chocolate offers such sheer delight and satisfaction that people just close their eyes to its sugar and calorie content just for a taste of its velvety goodness. Indeed, Chocolate is one of life’s sexiest, and yes, guiltiest, pleasures.

Fortunately, chocolate need no longer be a forbidden treat, thanks to Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) Choco Lava. Every serving of this 3-in-1 powdered chocolate drink has less sugar, less calories and zero gram trans fat, helping the figure-conscious ones maintain their sexiness.

Prepared hot, cold, chilled or even mixed in recipes, and requiring no added milk, creamer or sugar, Choco Lava is the ultimate guilt-free chocolate fix that will satisfy the palate.

Heat up cold nights by adding chewy mallows to a steaming cup of Choco Lava, or try waking the senses every morning by savoring a cold glass of Choco Lava to the very last drop. How about serving it chilled while lounging by the pool in sexy swimwear? There are countless ways to experiment and enjoy this delectable chocolate drink.

Thanks to the health benefits and premium taste of Choco Lava, there is no need to resist the temptation of chocolate anymore. Available in supermarkets and groceries nationwide, grab this exciting chocolate drink now and be one with the many sexy, liberated chocoholics out there.

Choco Lava

Spreading the ‘Lava’ with Choco Lava

Nothing says I love you better than sharing precious moments with the people who matter, whether it’s spending the weekend together or enjoying a movie, or simply taking a leisurely stroll. Sometimes, snuggling up with a loved one and sharing a cozy cup of chocolate drink can be the perfect way to cherish each other’s company. Here to help you share the love is Choco Lava, the latest 3-in-1 powdered chocolate drink from Universal Robina Corporation (URC).

Offering the rich and soothing taste of chocolate in a healthy and easy-to-prepare drink, Choco Lava makes sure you won’t have a hard time expressing your love for your special someone. Savoring the chocolate goodness and delightful aroma of Choco Lava with your loved one is one of those small special moments that can mean a lot.

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John Lloyd Cruz is Choco Lava endorser

John Lloyd Cruz and Choco LavaABS-CBN star John Lloyd Cruz (center) is now the face of Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) latest beverage offering, Choco Lava, a chocolate drink for gown-ups. John Lloyd’s wholesome image and immense popularity among today’s upwardly mobile young adults made him the right choice as the brand’s spokesperson. John Lloyd lends his arresting charm to the first Choco Lava TV commercial currently airing on local TV networks. Choco Lava is a powdered chocolate drink that contains zero gram trans fat and only 80 calories per serving. Choco Lava contains nutrients like calcium and iron and can be instantly enjoyed either hot or cold. Shown in photo during John Lloyd’s signing as the brand endorser are URC Group Product Manager Ruby de la Cruz and Business Unit Group Manager for Powdered Beverage Benny Sanchez.

John Lloyd Cruz: The Face of Choco Lava

John Lloyd Cruz and Choco LavaUniversal Robina Corporation’s (URC) latest offering Choco Lava and its endorser, romantic icon John Lloyd Cruz, invite you to kiss your childhood goodbye, and celebrate the pleasures of being all grown up.

Choco Lava, a delicious chocolate drink that can be taken hot or cold, has zero grams trans fat and contains only 80 calories per 20 gram serving… truly an ideal beverage for today’s upwardly mobile young adults just like John Lloyd Cruz. As one of Philippine filmdom’s most popular and endearing young leading men, John Lloyd Cruz has earned a strong following. Beloved by women from all walks of life, and admired by men, John Lloyd Cruz has shown himself to be a genuine box-office draw. And now, John Lloyd Cruz lends his charms and matinee idol good looks to a new endeavor literally dripping with romance as he appears in the new Choco Lava television commercial.

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