Experience White Christmas with Great Taste White Coffee

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Get more creative this year to enjoy a snowy Yuletide. For every indoor or outdoor activity, there’s a warm cup of the new Great Taste White coffee to share with family and friends as you make this Christmas the whitest one of all.

Families can start their snow-themed holiday bonding at home by decorating together. Transform your house into Winter Wonderland with a festive white motif. Share your fondest holiday memories under the mistletoe, while indulging in yummy Christmas goodies. There’s nothing like swapping stories or watching your favorite classic holiday movies together over some cakes and cookies, which go well with warm cups of Great Taste White Coffee to draw out the holiday mood in every family member.

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Great Taste Trio and Sid Lucero make the perfect mix

Leading food and beverage manufacturer Universal Robina Corporation (URC) has found the best endorser for the delicious and convenient Great Taste Trio in no less than Sid Lucero, whose perfect mix of talents, looks and substance truly exemplifies the brand.

Sid Lucero leads a charmed life. A third-generation scion of the Eigenmann acting family, Sid’s natural acting ability shine through in every performance. His role in Selda earned him a Best Actor nod at the 2008 Thessaloniki Film Festival, while his stint in the teleserye Dahil May Isang Ikaw garnered him an International Emmy nomination just last year. But Sid’s latest venture presents a side of him that fans rarely see onscreen: as himself, relaxing on a rare day off.

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Great Taste: Great days are made of bold and deliciously strong coffee

What makes a day great? For most, having the perfect cup of coffee that’s strong, rich, and aromatic to help them get all their tasks done is what makes the day great.. From arriving early for work to beating hectic deadlines, Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) Great Taste Granules is bold enough to help you breeze through daily challenges round-the-clock, all day and everyday.

Great Taste Granules is made of 100% Robusta coffee. In concentrated granule form, every teaspoon goes a long way. The strong, rejuvenating taste and rich aroma of Great Taste Granules helps heighten mental alertness and provide an added push at an affordable price. Bursting with flavor, it is the perfect partner for all types of coffee drinkers who want to stay sharp and focused, to take on life’s many trials and enjoy its many pleasures.

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Romancing the palate with Great Taste Coffee Desserts

Reveal your sweet side this season of romance by whipping up these dreamy concoctions from Great Taste Coffee Desserts. These indulgent treats are easy to prepare and make for luscious ways to seal a love-filled meal. Bringing out the trademark richness of Great Taste Coffee with a lavish twist, these special blends are meant to be shared and enjoyed especially with your special someone.

Try one of these delectable blends using Great Taste Coffee Desserts and make your loved one’s heart go aflutter. Great Taste Coffee Desserts are available in leading groceries, supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

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Banana Tiramisu Shake

½ sachet Great Taste Coffee Desserts Black Forest Flavor

2 jiggers choclate milk

1 pc ripe banana

2 tsps condensed milk

Place all ingredients in a blender with ice. Blend until coffee is dissolved. Pour in glass and top with chocolate syrup or white chocolate shavings if desired. Makes 1-2 servings. Drink fills approximately one 375ml glass.

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Sweet Sensations

2 tsps Great Taste Coffee Desserts Valencia Mocha Flavor

½ cup water

2 tsps sweetened cocoa powder

1 tsp chocolate syrup

2 tsps premium brandy (optional)

Dissolve coffee and cocoa in water. Pour all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake well until all ingredients are completely dissolved and mixed. Top with chocolate shavings. Serves one 250ml glass.

The Great Taste Of Serving

“May every sunrise hold more promise, every moonlight hold more peace.” — Anon

Benjamin Abadiano

Some people open each day with hope and optimism. Certain remarkable individuals take it even a step further, as they generously spread hope to those around them.

Just like Benjamin Abadiano. A winner of the 2004 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership, he found his passion in serving Indigenous People (IP). Benjamin lived with the Mangyans of Mindoro for nine years. He helped educate them, encouraged them to appreciate and affirm their native culture, thereby instilling in them a sense of self-dignity.

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Great Taste Sugar Free Shapes Up

Great Taste Coffee Sugar FreeGreat Taste 3-in-1 Sugar Free now comes in a more attractive and shapely design which suits figure conscious individuals. Great Taste 3-in-1 Sugar Free’s unique, curved package design instantly communicates that it is the healthier option for fitness buffs.

More proof of the product’s health benefit is its low calorie sugar substitute which makes it the perfect drink for busy, on-the-go individuals.

Great Taste 3-in-1 is also available in Premium and Cappucino variants at Mini-Stop stores and leading supermarkets and groceries.