“Best Magic Moment”’ to be awarded in Cebu Pacific’s Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge

Cebu Pacific’s annual travel adventure competition for students, the Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge, springs new surprises for its contestants this 2014. On its third year, the competition is co-presented by Magic Chips, Jack ‘n Jill’s brand of savory baked cracker chips.

The Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge gets a dose of enchanting action as Magic Chips sponsors a Special Fun Challenge, a pocket contest in a specific location that will engage contestants even more with the local food, culture and traditions.

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Give in to the crunch of Magic Chips Pita Krunch Onion & Garlic

Jack ‘n Jill introduces Magic Chips Pita Krunch Onion ‘n Garlic, the latest addition to the Magic Chips family which offers a new and delicious way to enjoy snacks. It’s the first pita bite-size crackers available in the market today with that extra crunch in every bite, guaranteed to add more fun to snack time. Added to this is the distinct savory zing of onion and garlic – a truly addicting combination for voracious munchers.

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