Quake Overload brings your dream promposal to life with Intense Much Promposal Promo

Stage the most epic promposal ever and enjoy a date to remember with Quake Overload’s Intense Much Promposal Promo. Popping the question for a prospective prom date is made more exciting as Quake Overload grants three lucky teens the opportunity to make their dream prom come true.

This fun-loaded promo from Universal Robina Corporation (URC) is open to junior and senior high school students going to NCR-based schools and whose prom or graduation ball is happening after February 15, 2014.

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Spread delicious holiday cheers with Jack ‘n Jill Cream-O White Peppermint cookies

Jack ‘n Jill brings in the taste of a true white Christmas with the new Cream-O White Peppermint.

Cream-O-holics will certainly have a yummy Christmas with these luscious chocolate cookies coated in creamy white chocolate, topped with colorful candy sprinkles and infused with icy peppermint that creates an irresistible combination of sweet and minty delight.

Treat yourself to a delicious white Christmas with Jack ‘n Jill Cream-O White Peppermint, now available in a limited edition 6-pack

Jack ‘n Jill Presto Creams offers classic flavorful snack twist with Peanut Butter & Jelly-Filled Cookies

Biscuit lovers who grew up with Jack ‘n Jill Presto Creams are in for a treat with its latest variant, Peanut Butter & Jelly-Filled Cookies.

To make snacking more exciting, the popular cookie brand presents a new spin on its well-loved Peanut Butter variant by adding a delicious dollop of mouth-watering, sweet grape jelly. The two flavors complement each other in a crunchy and delectable biscuit.

Whether for a quick bite or an afternoon snack, kids and even adults are sure to enjoy this classic combination in Presto Peanut Butter & Jelly-Filled Cookies.

Jack ‘n Jill Presto Peanut Butter & Jelly-Filled Cookies is now available along with Vanilla, Chocolate and Peanut Butter flavors at all major supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

Enjoy the flavorful twist to an all-time snack classic with the new Jack ‘n Jill Presto Peanut Butter & Jelly-Filled Cookies.

Enjoy the flavorful twist to an all-time snack classic with the new Jack ‘n Jill Presto Peanut Butter & Jelly-Filled Cookies.

Fun, new Roller Coaster TVC showcases kids’ active imagination

Snacktime just got more exciting as Jack ‘n Jill Roller Coaster rolls out a new TV commercial (TVC) that captures the relentless creativity of today’s youngsters.

Directed by Joey Agbayani, the fun-packed TVC showcases how snack time can be more fun with Roller Coaster. Kids’ imaginations can run wild, and even simple activities, such as snacking, can become a grand adventure.

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Crunchy, chocolatey dreams come true with Cream-O

Sweet dreams are made of cookies—delicious Jack ‘n Jill Cream-O cookies, to be exact. The popular chocolate cookie brand recently launched a new TV commercial capturing the goodness of every chocoholic’s dream cookie come true.

The latest TV ad features “Cream-Oholics” who daydream about getting their yummy Cream-O fix at the most unexpected places. They imagine Cream-O’s crunchy, chocolate cookie sandwich and luscious filling so vividly that the Cream-Oholic gets lost in an enticing dreamscape.

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World Hip Hop Superstars The Crew move and groove with Jack ‘n Jill Shake and Roll

World Hip Hop Dance Champions The Crew, who rose to hip hop stardom after winning the much-coveted title in 2012, gets a new claim to fame as the brand ambassadors for Shake and Roll, the latest potato chip snack from Jack ‘n Jill.

“Shake and Roll is all about being dynamic, innovative and exciting, all of which are traits that The Crew embodies,” says URC Snacks Category Head Ara Pascual. “It’s only fitting that we have these world-class dancers represent a world-class brand.”

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Blend 45 honored with two Tambuli awards

Blend 45 Kapeng Pinoy received two awards from the 2013 University of Asia and the Pacific Tambuli Awards for its new “Gising Pinoy!” campaign.

Since 2005, Tambuli has been recognizing campaigns not only for effective marketing communications but also for the societal values they promote. This highly successful campaign, which highlights innate Filipino values through every variant, won the Gold award in the Family-Oriented Brand Category and the Bronze award in the Established Brand Category.

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