FLOURISH PILIPINAS 2: Submission of Entries / Recipes is now extended to June 30, 2014! Hurry up and send in your wonderful recipe creations now and compete in either of the following baking categories:

1.) Breads

2.) Cakes

3.) Cookies & Biscuit

For more information, visit: or contact (02)898-5842 and look for Loraine.




Back to School!

If you’re a kid, most probably you are too scared to go back to your alma mater but if you’re a teenager it’s possible that summer is never enough. However, if vacation has been hiding from you and books are not that important, you must be an employee for years now. Nevertheless, appreciate what you have and where you are right now for there’s no time machine invented yet. For the meantime, Thomasian, Carlo Ramirez made a new merienda in town. Probably students of all ages would love it! After school, ask your mom to explore this revamped merienda: Moist Sapin Sapin Cake. Click below to see complete image.

Flourish Pilipinas 2_June 2014

Flourish Pilipinas 2 in Yummy Magazine – May 2014 Issue

Hurry! send in your application and recipe to join the Flourish Pilipinas Competition. To join, visit: 

You might also want to check out the current issue of Yummy Magazine today! Yummy May 2014 Issue features a Pre-Event Advertorial of Flourish Pilipinas 2.

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Flourish Pilipinas 2 Pre Event Ad



Cheers to all Moms!

All greatest heroes in History are born ordinary but must have been raised extraordinarily, thanks to their lovely mothers who are most-of-the-time missing from the storyline! How clever it is that only one person in the world is to blame if you did not like your name, hopefully not because there is this one and only person in the world as well to thank for, for she decided to pursue you and bring you to the world. Either famous or ordinary, exuberant or depressed, tall or short, rich or poor,  young or old, she is a priceless being made just for you, irreplaceable. Celebrate with your mom by having a quality time, perhaps baking a Banana Chocoffee Cupcake together! Kudos to Albert Madrilejos of Berryl’s Cakeshop for this sweet treat! Click below image to see complete photo

Flourish Pilipinas 2 Recipe_May 2014

Summer is on!

Rub more sunblock because this is the season to get out and get younger! It’s fascinating that most personal care products you see in the supermarket will always teach you about the damaging effects of UV rays and how the sun can darken your skin. If it meant island hopping and endless partying at the beach then what’s stopping you? Enjoy the sun, put your sunnies on and refresh your mind and soul by trying this Thomasian pride creation made by Klaudine Tuason. A delightfully made Coconut Cake, perfect for that milkshake! Please click on the image below to see complete photo. Flourish Pilipinas Recipe April 2014