Join Us In The Bakery Fair 2015 Event!

URC Flour Division will once again participate in the much awaited Bakery Fair 2015 organized by Filipino Chinese Bakery Association! This year, URC Flour Division will have a bigger, wider and much better booth area to accommodate more guests and walk in participants where exciting games, entertainment and baking demonstrations will be performed!



When: January 30, 31 and February 01, 2015 8AM – 8PM / day

Where: World Trade Center, Manila

Booth to Visit: URC Flour Division

For more info and to get free passes in the event, please log on to Bakery Fair 2015 website and register!

Just print the e-ticket that will be sent to your email address and bring it on the three-day event with your valid I.D. to enter for free! Do not forget to visit URC Flour Division’s booth as we are going to give exciting game prizes and the much awaited baking demonstration by URC Flour Divisions’ Technology Team!

See you!






URC Flour Division Bakery Fair 2015

Cheers for the New Year!

Chance for a new beginning this 2015! Whether it be a new house or maybe a new gadget? a new hairdo? or perhaps a new investment this year? whatever it may be, let us jump-start the year sweet with these delightful cakes baked by Flourish Pilipinas 2′s new set of winners and URC Flour Division’s Technology Team!

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January 2015

Clockwise from the top: Jack and Anna Chocolate Cake by Alfie Jaca of St. Louis College of Valenzuela, Banana Butterscotch Crumble Cake by URC Flour Division Technology Team, Crimson Zibethinus Cake by Kymwell Hinlayagan of University of Mindanao.

Merry Christmas to All! Throwback Before Year-End!

Let us look back on the rest of the Flourish Pilipinas 1 Winners!

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Greggie Mercado of STI

July 2014




Luther Roquero of University of Southeastern Philippines

Aug 2014





Joevir Abangan of University of Immaculate Concepcion

September 2014



Stephen Adriano of Philippine Women’s University

October 2014

Darel Tacang of  University of Southeastern Philippines

November 2014


Sarah May Ko of Davao Doctor’s College

December 2014

Congratulations To The Flourish Pilipinas 2 Winners!


Another set of culinary students, pastry and baking enthusiasts were held grand winners in URC Flour Division’s Flourish Pilipinas 2 nationwide baking competition.

For Luzon/GMA leg, the grand winners are:

Alfie Jaca – St. Louis College of Valenzuela with his “Jack and Anna Chocolate Cake”

Alfie Jaca - Jack and AnnaJack and Anna Chocolate Cake








Rachelle Janne V. Javier – University of Perpetual Help System Dalta with her 7,107 Island Sweet Bread

Rachelle Janne V. Javier 7107 islands 7,107 Island Sweet Bread








Mary Joy D. Dela Cruz – St. Louis College of Valenzuela with her Lengua Sandwich Cookie with Pili Nut Kiss

Mary Joy D. De La Cruz - Lengua Pili Nut KissLengua Sandwich Cookies with Pili Nut Kisses










For Mindanao leg, the grand winners are:


Kymwell R. Hinlayagan – University of Mindanao with his Crimson Zibethinus Cake

Kymwell R Hinlayagan - Crimson Zibethinus Crimson Zibethinus Cake








Mayen D. Tajores – University of Southeastern Philippines with her Dupecoa Cookies

Mayen D Tajores - Dupecoa  Dupecoa Cookies








Hazel Princess M. Rebollo – University of Mindanao with her Durio Garcinia Bread

Hazel Princess Rebollo - Durio Garcinia Durio Garcinia Bread



FLOURISH PILIPINAS 2: Submission of Entries / Recipes is now extended to June 30, 2014! Hurry up and send in your wonderful recipe creations now and compete in either of the following baking categories:

1.) Breads

2.) Cakes

3.) Cookies & Biscuit

For more information, visit: or contact (02)898-5842 and look for Loraine.