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Universal Robina Corporation

Wednesday, March 9th

Web Site Changes

We will be shifting to Wordpress in the coming days.

Wednesday, February 16th

Go Loopy Over Hot Loops

A line-up of tempting tastes and sweet surprises was unveiled to the public as Hot Loops Donuts opened its first two dine-in shops last December at the annex of Robinsons Place Pioneer and 4th level of Robinsons Galleria.

A Blast of Excitement from Dynamite

How can one transform from quiet and reserved to wild and unpredictable? Find out in the latest Dynamite TV Commercial featuring an interestingly unexpected scenario that sums up the essence of Dynamite candies.

Friday, January 21st

Miguel Lazaro Races to Victory with URC

Racing newbie Miguel Lazaro recently bagged the Overall Champion and Driver of the Year titles for both the Sports Values Inc. Challenge Cup (SVICC) and the National Junior Touring Car Championship (NJTCC), with the URC Beverage Group as one of his sponsors for both races.

Tuesday and Pokwang Kill Bitin with Payless Xtra BIG

Prepare yourselves for an XTRA BIG action-packed face-off between Tuesday Vargas and Pokwang (aka Marietta Subong) in the latest television commercial of Payless Pancit Canton Xtra Big. Watch as the comedic duo unleashes a series of kung fu moves as they battle it out with swords for the last strand of pancit canton.

Tuesday, December 14th

The Refreshingly Fruity Drink in a Cup

There’s a refreshing new fruit drink in an ingenious, spill-free cup that’s bound to change our drinking habits. Introducing the new Refresh Flavored Drinks.

Growing up with Tita Sylvia and Hunts

Experts who are passionate about their crafts will never go for second best. That’s why in all these years, culinary expert Sylvia Reynoso-Gala has been cooking only with Hunt’s, the Tomato expert.

Menthol to the Extreme with MAXX Extra Strength

A saga of stress and a downpour of troubles won’t leave you dry as MAXX Menthol Candy introduces an even greater menthol high: MAXX Extra Strength, which offers extreme menthol goodness in an instant.


Tuesday, November 9th

A Chocolatey Twist to Coffee Breaks

Treat yourself to Swiss Miss and get chocolate high in an instant.

Swiss Miss is the ideal “upper” when you’re down, tired or just in need of a sugar boost because of certain chemicals found in chocolate that trigger the “happy center” in your brain. According to the Chocolate Information Center, chocolate contains very little caffeine compared to coffee but it has the right dose of the stimulating chemical theobromine to keep you on your toes.

Monday, October 25th

Super Cheese Snacks from Jack n’ Jill

Kids just love cheese, be it on pizza, pasta, a simple slice of bread or on anything for that matter. What makes cheese such a unique snack is that apart from being delicious, it is a good source of calcium and protein – nutrients that will help your child grow strong and healthy.

Jack n’ Jill Chiz Curls’ Curlette Craze

She’s adventurous, fun loving and “corn puff-crazy.” And her name’s Curlette! With her golden yellow ponytail, her bright blue jumpsuit and matching visor, she’s a real standout in any crowd. Add to that her sunny disposition, evident in her sparkly voice and warm brown eyes and you’ll realize just how lovable she is. No wonder children are drawn to Curlette and her beloved Jack n’ Jill Chiz Curls.

Fabulous New Look, Same Great Taste

The great tasting coffee we’ve grown accustomed to over the years has just gotten better. Introducing, Great Taste Coffee Mixes in a great new pack that’s more stylish, catchy and sophisticated – a new look that aptly highlights the glorious heritage that is Great Taste.

Funfilled Ways to Enjoy Nissin Collecticups

What’s colorful, funky and clever? Nissin’s CollectiCups! After savoring the tasty noodles, simply clean the cups and re-use! Made of sturdy plastic that come in a variety of colorful cartoon designs, Nissin’s CollectiCups make for fun, attractive and unique containers / display.

A Refreshing Brew from Universal Robina Corporation

With the constant struggle to relax and escape the pressure of a highly-driven world, C2 Green Tea comes as an invigorating relief in a handy bottle.

Tuesday, July 6th

Nissin Cup Noodles Presents Travel Adventures CollectiCUPS

Meet the perfect travel companion! Nissin Cup Noodles now come in colorful and convenient CollectiCUPS that showcase original artworks created by promising young artists from different schools and colleges around the Philippines.


Dewberry Goodness Meets Peaches and Cream

A relaxing break in the middle of a hectic day becomes more of a treat when you give in to your craving for something as deliciously luxurious as Dewberry’s latest offering, Peaches and Cream.

Jojo Gummi Candies Add Fun to Playtime

Playtime gives children the freedom to let their imaginations run wild while their creativity explores worlds that they themselves conjure. And what better companion to have during such times than a fun and colorful approach to candy?

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