Jack ‘n Jill Fun-O invades Robinsons malls with out-of-this-world excitement

Putting an extraterrestrial twist to a routine trip to the grocery, Jack ‘n Jill presents a deliciously otherworldly experience with its Fun-O Crackers sampling series in select Robinsons Supermarkets around the metro until March 23, 2014.


Grocery shoppers and their kids can delight in free Fun-O treats available in four exciting variants: Fun-O Plain Crackers, Fun-O Roundwich Peanut Butter, Fun-O Roundwich Mochalicious and Fun-O Roundwich Chocolicious.

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Add cool to school with the new Jack ‘n Jill Fun-O Crackers

Today’s teens are always on the lookout for anything upbeat and exciting, be it in fashion, technology, or food. For something new to delight their taste buds, there’s Fun-O Crackers, the latest biscuit treat from Jack ‘n Jill that can turn school days into a fun-filled experience.

Fun-O plain crackers are light and enjoyable while the mocha, chocolate and peanut butter variants, with their creamy fillings, are a yummy treat.

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