John Lloyd stars in real-life magical scenes with unsuspecting fans

John Lloyd Cruz continues his magical streak around the metro as he sneaks into the daily routines of a lucky few to spring a one-of-a-kind surprise on them. In line with the on-going Nothing Like Magic campaign of Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) Magic Crackers, the longtime endorser takes on made-for-movie roles and brings them to life for his adoring fans.

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John Lloyd springs surprises to Filipinos in new Magic campaign

Leave it to celebrity heartthrob John Lloyd Cruz to take magic from onscreen to offscreen, one extraordinary surprise at a time. As part of the new campaign for Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) Magic Crackers, longtime endorser John Lloyd goes around the metro to make magical moments come to life for Pinoys.

Individuals get the surprise of their lives as Magic and John Lloyd turn their daily routines into something exceptional and memorable.

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