URC Vision and Values

URC Vision

To be the best Philippine food and beverage conglomerate with a powerful presence throughout the ASEAN region and China, carrying a wide portfolio of strong brands, equipped with efficient systems and high-quality people.

Total URC Values

  1. Passion to Win
  2. Dynamism
  3. Integrity
  4. Courage

Passion to Win

We build organizational capability by being entrepreneurial and proactive, driven by a sense of urgency and purpose. We continuously challenge ourselves to deliver world-class brands and consistently rally our people to strive for excellence.

  • Drive for Results
    Effectively and speedily executes plans and programs. Exhibits perseverance and tenacity. Achieves quantifiable and measurable results. Identifies areas for improvement and takes necessary steps to implement those changes.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
    Knowledgeable on the nature of the business and displays a sense of ownership by continuously finding ways to improve processes. Makes certain that all resources are properly utilized to achieve desired results.
  • Initiative
    Able to initiate and do efficient follow-through on projects to guarantee success. Exhausts available means to smoothly implement difficult initiatives.


We cultivate a culture of innovation and productive working relationships. We continuously find ways to improve organizational and people capabilities to meet constantly changing consumer needs.

  • Innovation
    Able to create and modify systems and processes to address the constantly changing needs of both internal and external customers. Can effectively translate creative ideas into tangible projects and workable solutions.
  • Collaboration
    Can work well in a team by complementing strengths and weaknesses of team leader or members. Comfortable to take on different roles depending on the nature of engagement.
  • Strategic Agility
    Can effectively cope with structural and physical changes. Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions. Able to handle multiple tasks. Can comfortably handle risk and uncertainty.


We are guided by transparency, ethics and fairness. We build the business with honor and are committed to good governance. Our processes and products meet the highest standards. We are credible in our dealings with both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Principle-driven
    Abides by social, professional & business ethics & organization values. Able to manage sensitive information and strategies.
  • Personal Integration
    Actively works to continuously improve himself/herself. Works to deploy strengths and compensates for weaknesses and limits to support organizational objectives.
  • Quality Orientation
    Ensures that integrity of processes is preserved. Strictly adheres to quality standards to delight both internal and external customers.


We seize opportunities in building long-term, sustainable businesses. We make tough people and business decisions to ensure competitive advantage.

  • Visioning
    Able to provide long-term direction, inspiration and momentum. Maximizes utilization of available and possible resources. Displays a clear sense of purpose.
  • Organizational Interface
    Able to interface with both top line and down line to execute effectively tasks at hand. Ensures that policies are adhered to at all levels. Able to relay information objectively and clearly, whether oral or written.
  • Standing Alone
    Able to operate with minimum supervision and achieve results autonomously.

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